Finding an Accounting Job

Searching for and finding a job in one of the accounting careers can be done in several different ways depending on the individual job seeker’s qualifications, education, and experience. For those just graduating from high school, the search can be more difficult because many hiring companies prefer college graduates. High school graduates might need to seek out jobs that are more clerical in nature and work up from those positions to higher-level jobs as they gain more experience and perhaps more education, perhaps by taking an additional accounting course or several accounting courses.

Those who are just graduating from college should take advantage of all services offered by the college or university placement services. Often these services offer assistance with preparing rèsumès and might also set up interviews on campus with companies that are recruiting new employees. Networking through campus organizations or friends or family members who might have contacts and can refer you for employment could also help. Don’t neglect searching for jobs on the Internet and in newspapers.

If you are making a career change after working for a period of time, you might need to adopt several strategies. Networking through business contacts you have can be helpful; however, this is more difficult to do if you are changing from one field to another. Like recent graduates, you should also search for jobs on the Internet and in newspapers. Be prepared to start in lower-level or entry-level positions if you are changing fields. Research companies you would like to work for. In some cases, people have successfully obtained jobs by taking a rèsumè to the company office and asking to speak to someone in the hiring department or human resources.

In all cases, once you have obtained the interview, prepare for it in advance. Research the company and the department you will be interviewing with so that you are prepared to answer questions and to ask intelligent questions, too.